Versatile Space-Saving Twin & Full Size Murphy Bed Cabinet
Orion is a beautiful and minimalistic cabinet Murphy bed available in twin and full sizes. The Orion twin and full size Murphy bed cabinet is the perfect choice to add to a room where you want to save space so the room can double up as a playroom, a studio, an office, an entertainment space or however you want to use it. Both the twin beds and the full-sized cabinet Murphy bed can be stowed away to look like a side table or a buffet during the day while offering a comfortable place to sleep at night.
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Orion Queen Cabinet Bed

Why Orion a Great Cabinet Murphy Bed?

Orion has a minimalistic design available in different hardwood finishes to choose from. It suits the laid-back lifestyle and small condo sizes in Fort Myers, Naples, and surrounding areas. The twin-sized option is perfect for kids or room-sharing while the full-sized option has its charm for any bedroom of the house.

The tri-fold matters get cleverly concealed inside the cabinet when stored and there are no pesky metal bars to disturb you or your guests while they sleep.

Higher Sleep Platform

Solid Hardwood Construction

Shallow Sleep Enclosure

Base packed inside Fully Assembled Cabinet

Tri-Fold Premium Gel Memory Foam Twin or Full Mattress


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