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Bi-Fold Murphy Bed?

The casual lifestyle of southwest Florida appeals to lovers of the beach and to people who enjoy abundant sunshine, soft tropical breezes, and miles of shimmering water softly lapping on the shore. One thing that fits perfectly into this Fort Myers and Florida casual lifestyle is a bi-fold Murphy Bed. A casual lifestyle can mean that the most popular home and apartments are more compact than they are in other areas. This means less home upkeep, and more time to spend in the sunshine infused pursuits that Fort Myers are residents love.

When you have a room that you’d like to serve double duty as a multi-use room, a panel bed or wall bed blends in perfectly. Your bed conveniently stores into a cabinet on the wall when not in use and can be lowered at your convenience when you are ready to use it. A bi-fold bed frame is a Murphy bed that has been uniquely designed with doors that open to the sides instead of straight down. Once the doors are open, the mattress can then be lowered.

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