The Best Space Saving Cabinet Murphy Bed Queen

Sagebrush is a strongly built Murphy cabinet bed queen size that fits into a small space. This style saves you space during the day when it is stored away so you can use the room in any way you like. You can choose from different wood finishes based on what suits your home’s aesthetic. This queen-sized Murphy cabinet bed looks like a side table or a buffet when stored and becomes the most comfortable place for sleep when opened.
Murphy Cabinet Bed Queen
Sagebrush Queen Cabinet Bed

Why Is Sagebrush a Great Queen Cabinet Murphy Bed?

The Sagebrush cabinet Murphy bed in queen size goes perfectly with the compact condos and apartments in Fort Myers, Naples, and other surrounding areas. Its design is straightforward: the hardwood cabinet doors unfold like a drawer, revealing a bed frame that easily extends when needed.

The bed is a comfortable option to sleep on with the mattress concealed inside with no pesky metal bars to disturb you or your guests. During the day, this bed efficiently doubles as an elegant cabinet, saving space while enhancing your room’s aesthetic.

Large Rolling Storage Drawer

Higher Sleep Platform

Built-in Dual Power/USB module

Solid Hardwood Construction

Shallow Sleep Enclosure

Base packed inside Fully Assembled Cabinet

Tri-Fold Premium Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress


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